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❝ omg.❞

Entries that should be locked will be locked. 
Entries that aren't locked are probably spazzing or some sort. 

My life sums up in one word ❝ lazy.❞ 

Nice to meet you. Comment if you wanna add, intro under cut.

Major Fandom: 2525 

I do read manga and watch anime, but it really depends cos I lack time.
My priorities for manga are usually BL or BL (and some other shounen or slice of life).
Favourite series of all time is probably One Piece, Natsume Yuujinchou, Angel Beats and some others but lazy to list them all. I collect a lot of Hakuouki shitz (Okita my favourite) and that's because I like Shinsengumi and I think every Shinsengumi-related shiz has to be sad because well, it's /shinsengumi/.

I do play games, BL games in general. But i do play Otome games (PC and PSP) and then I do play other games like Persona 3 (which I haven't completed). I play arcarde games a lot, until a hole was found in my pocket and I couldn't afford them anymore, i used to play Jubeat and Maimai :(

I do like to sing, I tried making covers but my mic wasn't good enough so I gave up (it's an excuse i know). And then now I'm learning to mix, I've mixed a couple of songs for my friends but I do realize I'm not good enough so I have to really buck up. I also like to draw although they all look like crap, but right now I'm trying to practice and draw every day so that I can improve (which i don't see it happening but I'll continue trying). Also, I want to learn the guitar.  

I'm obsessed with a lot of utaites, i'm creepy as fuck, i tweet a lot and spams a lot on Instagram, I basically have no life

If I have to list a few of my favourite then I'm listing a whole lot: 4yen, K:te, 新社会人, maro., Chomaiyo, ロー生ライト, KK, Gerorin, Dasoku, Au, すい, Natsuhiro, Teksy, RIshe, Kogeinu, Faneru, ASK, a lot more but I'm very lazy to list them down now..  

I am also obsessed with Rilakkuma and I don't even know why, but I own like at least 6 plush of that and a lot of other merchandise of it and I really don't know why.

I actually don't know what to write anymore cos' this whole post is incoherent, so if you would like, please be friends with me. よろしくお願いします。